Tools that will be needed to cut and install the privacy panels are:

  1. Miter saw or some sort of band saw.
    If using a miter saw – make sure you reverse the blade. This will ensure you a smooth cut and will not chip the P.V.C.
  2. A drill and ¼" drill bit to drill holes if you want to secure extender clip to panel.
  3. Rubber mallet to tap with.

Measure the area you would like the privacy picket panels to cover.

ALL MANUFACTURES VARY so this is important to measure the length of your pickets. Measure from the bottom of your channel to the top of your bottom channel, this will give you a dimensions to start cutting your pickets. We recommend your measurement and then cut a ¼" shorter. This will allow for expansion. 

Cut panels, extender clips and lock to size. Start snapping them on the fence.  Take your fingers and pry open the top of the privacy panels. Line up with the picket and just snap on, making sure it's secure all the way down.   

Continue to snap on all privacy picket panels until the fence is complete. If you want your fence to stay private at all times than use the Hurricane U-Lock to snap on the back of the privacy panels. The U-Locks can be removed or put on at anytime depending if you want total privacy or you want them open for a breeze or a view. 


Important Installation Information

Do not store in Direct Sunlight. 

Only install when above freezing.
Cut panels and clips ¼" shorter for expansion.
Do not adjust the clips on width by cutting. Just push up tight against the newel post.  

 Hurricane Privacy Picket Panels are designed to be a snap! Easy to install light weight and  easy to maintain. 

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